Our Company Values

About Elements 85

Elements 85 started with a shared passion for food and entertainment.

Darryn Bonhomme  has partnered with Annalie and Oliver Gilmartin to deliver his culinary vision with their love of entertainment to create delicious food with one of a kind events.





A Little Of Our Story

Our Vision

Elements 85 is that rare occasion where visions align. The team has one shared vision, “To create a whole new reason to visit The Links”.

Elements 85 makes a priority of its people and believes the team should make every effort to make sure everyone’s experience of the business improves their day.

The team at Elements 85 will deliver this behind the key values of Service, Quality, Innovation and Collaboration.

A Little About Us

Who Are We

Annalie, Oliver, Gillian, represent the founding members of Elements 85 within Links Hope Island. As a team, they have a broad experience in the restaurant industry.

Gillian herself has over 20 years experience in owning and running Italian restaurants. Annalie and Oliver founded ‘Core Climbing’ on the Gold Coast and began running the events and media as chosen passions within the business that expanded into some of the most well known events across the industry. They have brought that flare for the events to the Links Hope Island.

Darryn Bonhomme, the head chef will ensure that Links visitors have access to the best culinary options, befitting the number one course in Queensland. Darryn himself has a particular flare for the subtlety of food and a passion for great taste experiences, Darryn guides the Elements 85 experience.